Acne Skincare Information – The 3 Essential Ceramides

Acne skincare is a bit different than cleansing your face to keep it clean. Cleansing your face only removes surface impurities and does not deal with the internal problems that lead to breakouts. Your body has an all natural way of dealing with those problems. It’s called the sebaceous glands and it’s really a great system. When they’re working correctly your skin is always clear and never blemishes or blackheads. That’s because you’re cleaning out the impurities, but in some cases the problem is deeper than that and acne skincare treatment is required.

acne skincare

Acne skincare usually means using a gentle, oil-free, water based cream cleanser and then a deep cleansing mask. Usually the mask will contain four ingredients, but in most cases those four ingredients are a moisturizer, anti-bacterial agent, a sebaceous pigment agent, and possibly a UV protector. The moisturizer serves to hydrate dry skin and give it some extra protection from the UV rays in the sun. The anti-bacterial and sebaceous pigment agents prevent bacterial growth and help reduce inflammation and provide the additional protection against the sun.

In most cases the cleanser and moisturizer should be applied once daily during normal waking hours and then left on overnight. You can do this twice a week if you feel like it and then use the cleanser and moisturizer as directed. If your face gets really oily at any time, it’s recommended to use a mild oil free cleansing lotion and then a deep cleansing mask as soon as you can. There are no special recipes for acne cleansers or moisturizers. What you need to do is find a gentle, water-based cleanser that contains all of the ingredients you need and then use that every day, preferably at least once per day.